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A casino is a casino


Whoa! There is a lot of magic that happens when you are sitting with hundreds of people who are simultaneously trying their luckier hands at the table or at the slots. There is great fun in listening to the jingling of the nickels as the slot gleefully announces the jackpot. The noise accompanying the winning, the cheering, the lighting is all great fun.


Oh how beautiful are the moments well spent in a casino! So, by any chance have you heard about the online casino? An online casino is the casino on the World Wide Web. It is the online presence of games that you would generally play at a real casino. The big difference is in fact in the way the games are played.


An online casino means that the guest need not ever have to step out of the house order to enter the casino. If the person has a computer or a smart phone and a consistent internet connection, he may log onto the online casino site and register himself as a player. He may never want to even leave the room to play his favorite games at the casino.

The criteria for rating online casinos

Every agency or organization that claims to be a professional reviewer of online casinos have certain criteria which they follow when they have to rate the casinos. Some of the criteria are:

  • 1. The treatment they give to their customers

  • 2. Regular payment and mode of payments

  • 3. Support they offer to their customers

  • 4. Bonuses that they offer

  • 5. Promotions that they come out with
  • 777.com

    This super duper online casino offers the first time bonus of $200. The payout percentage is 98 percent. The rating is exceptionally high because they come out with awesome promotions and offers on a daily basis. The payment modes and methods are also enough to be comfortable across the enthusiasts.

  • Winner casino

    This casino is also rated at par with 777 even though the payout rate is slightly less at 96 percent.Winner casinoWinner casino It comes out with some of the best offers and promotions in the industry. The roulette and baccarat is live and is an added attraction to become a member and reap great profits.

  • Royal Vegas Casino:This casino has a four star rating and it has more than 500 online games in the casino. The reward program is fantabulous and they are the best probable mobile version of their casino.

  • 888 casino:This site has large sized progressive jackpots and the chance to hit big. The live casino games here are a big draw for the crowds. The variety of the games here are mind blowing. Known for their huge promotions and best offers in the industry, 888 has really made a name for itself.

  • Bet365 Casino:Superb welcome offers characterize this online casino. The bonuses on offer are the best in the industry and the player support is extraordinarily good.

William Hill Casino

William Hill has made something that other casinos struggle to make in this industry and that is the impeccable reputation that it has been able to make inspite of the way people have lesser and lesser trust in industries that run more on luck than on skills.

All Slots Casino

500 and still counting, this casino is famous for adding more and more games to their profile. It is almost like an adventure playing on their site for more because you are never out of options. The seamless moving to yet another game in case you do not like what you are playing is perhaps the best part of this casino.